The Milton Menasco Foundation


Winters can be tough in Montana, especially if you don’t get out to play and embrace some of the activities that the colder months have to offer. In his early musician days the budget was tight, and Milton struggled to afford a ski pass or gear. When he made it a priority and got back into skiing, he realized that he was enjoying winter again. When he combined skiing with playing live music, life didn’t get much better! The Milton Menasco Foundation (a 501(c)3 non-profit) was created to honor Milton and his passion to bring good energy to others.

Milton often talked about how much his mental health improved when he would get out and ski.  The foundation was actually his idea –  he wanted to start a program that would help people get out on the slopes to improve their mental health and quality of life, and to get professional help if they needed it.

The ultimate goal of the foundation is to provide awareness, access, and support to resources and programs for those struggling with mental health. We want to encourage individuals to take advantage of these resources and opportunities for outdoor recreation and/or mental health services to improve quality of life within our community.

Stay tuned for info about our next fundraiser coming in late spring of 2024!